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The first graphic representation in the history of mankind was the point. The point is the primary concept, but at the same time the most fundamental of geometry and, thus, of art and of any other artistic manifestation.

It just describes a position in space, from which any element of our world is born. Without geometry, anybody of nature itself, nor from our environment, would exist.

It always was; has been the first approach to express ourselves graphically. The first thing we do as children are made from a point, that when moved, produces a trace called line: it may as well be curved or straight.

The teacher puts us in a series of points in a paper (space), which when united in a random or orderly fashion, gives birth to planes which produce diverse images, real or imaginary, which are named according to our criteria or the knowledge gathered by the observation of our environment – objects, animals, plants, people, etc.

Even the first inhabitants of the earth looked up to the sky (space), where they found those points that, when united, resembled animals and mythological characters; that way constellations that are still known were born, through history, as travel and expedition guides.

All this, as a magic result of the union of points and lines –which are groups of infinite points- or of them gathering together, when ordered, based on the domain of three dimensions, with which we live and in the basic movements of the human being –left to right, front to back, and top to bottom-, they move in straight lines and with completely orthogonal movements, that is, in right angles.

These concepts, together with other ingredients –space, movement, dynamics, direction, limits, dimensions, design, symmetry and asymmetry, repetition, duplication, fractal geometry-, lead to statements related with the fulfillment of my work, which definitively is a small tribute to geometry, which I consider a science and at the same time the most perfect art within human creation.

The moment in which determined points join in space, a ribbon of a square section moves through infinity using the six basic movements, without interruptions nor obstacles, without their faces having contact with each other; they just change their direction orthogonally creating planes and volumes which in time create an structure or a skeleton, whose skin can be drawn by the spectator, who has the power to print their own visual tour.
But there will be those who will ask why always 90 degree angles. The answer is simple: esoterically the right angle means the feeling right, thinking right and doing right – the three dimensions-.

The work may be started visually, toured, and finished in any moment. Always, from a different point of view, the perception will change and be unique and different. The ribbon is continuous and, by not having any obstacles, turns into an infinite journey, without beginning nor end. A continuous transformation, like life itself; a cyclic movement giving dynamism to the figure, whose skin is born from observation, feelings, and the observer’s appraisal.


Shadow needs light to exist, it’s an object’s personal fingerprint and the reflection of the work’s soul; is one of the ingredients which give life to my work. Hence, as light changes, the figure will have new perspectives and movements which will enrich and mature that imaginary skin.

The idea of this first exposition is, precisely, to show miniatures which I hope someday will be in open spaces, for sunlight to give them soul and life like it does with us. In the same way we think eyes are windows to the soul, shadows are the unique reflection of my work; their fingerprint.

It’s no secret geometry is architecture’s and art’s spinal cord:

It is the music sheet to a musician;

It is the prose to a writer;

It is the voice to a singer;

It is the body to a gymnast;

It is the feet to a dancer.

My work is the simplest tribute to geometry. A tribute with very few elements, with the technique and handcrafting; a tribute to my father, the person who taught me how to love and value these materials and to understand that honest and persistent work is how we accomplish the goals we set on ourselves.

It is, without doubt, an invitation to rethink. A call to not forget that we have to live our life in straight lines; is the straight behavior the way to build a road and fulfill our goals without drifts or shortcuts. It’s the best way to walk through our path and arrive proudly to the finish line.

Hernando Malagón Martínez